Genesis Grain & Fertilizer releases new offering

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SASKATOON, Feb. 26, 2015 – Genesis Grain & Fertilizer Limited Partnership (Genesis) today released a new offering memorandum (OM) as it begins to raise capital from farmers for its fertilizer distribution business. Genesis is a farmer-owned grain handling and fertilizer distribution business led by Farmers of North America (FNA) and AgraCity Crop & Nutrition (AgraCity). The fertilizer distribution side of the business is a key supporting piece of ProjectN – the initiative to build a nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing plant, recently announced as located in Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan. “Creating opportunities for farmers to invest in and own part of the value chain, including this OM for Genesis, has been part of the evolution of FNA and AgraCity,” says Genesis spokesperson Bob Friesen. The OM for fertilizer distribution is the second of three phases in the plan for farmers to accrue as much of the fertilizer margin from manufacturing to the farmgate as possible. The three phase strategy begins with leveraging the expertise of AgraCity’s fertilizer desk for the procurement of and distribution of various fertilizers to farmer members prior to the build-out of supercenters. The second phase is an opportunity for farmer members to invest in the supercenters used for distribution which comes with the launch of this OM. And the final phase is ProjectN, the farmer owned fertilizer manufacturing plant for which the distribution supercenters are crucial. “This announcement is very important to us and for our members,” explains Friesen. “We announced the creation of Genesis on October 16, 2014 and were working very quickly to raise the necessary funds from farmers through an OM which at that time included an opportunity for farmers to acquire a majority partnership share of the CWB, but the results of that opportunity have been widely reported,” explains Friesen. “FNA and AgraCity will continue to determine if there are ways to work with the CWB to ensure maximum efficiency of the use of farm capital,” noted Friesen. He continues, “We will also be working to identify any other opportunities to capitalize on grain handling opportunities.” The details of the OM will be made available to accredited investors only. The core of the investment is in fertilizer distribution sites that are strategically located to serve members and facilitate developing further business opportunities. Genesis Grain & Fertilizer is a Limited Partnership and a separate legal entity designed to be a globally competitive farmer-owned grain marketing, handling & fertilizer distribution business. Participation is only available to accredited investors who are farmers and FNA Members. Visit to find out more. For more information, contact: Bob Friesen, VP Government Relations Tel: (613) 230-2222 Cell: (613) 852-9711...

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Farmers of North America expands in the United States

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News Release – For Immediate Release FNA and AgraCity expand into United States (Kansas City, MO, December 8, 2014) – Farmers of North America (FNA), a North American farmers’ business alliance, today announced a major strategic expansion of its organization into the United States. What makes this move doubly advantageous to U.S. farmers is that FNA is bringing with it its major supply partner, AgraCity Crops and Nutrition. “We’ve already got people on the ground and plans in place to begin offering U.S. farmers the opportunity to join the FNA business alliance, and take advantage of the value we offer particularly through our supply partner, AgraCity”, says FNA President & CEO, James Mann. “When the organization began back in 1999, the name was chosen because we knew that the U.S. was part of the long-term plan,” adds Mann. The first stage of U.S. market entry will begin with the states of North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. FNA and AgraCity U.S.A. teams are already in place, recruiting FNA members and bringing AgraCity’s competitive farm inputs to those members. Farmers of North American USA COO, James Webb, is excited and ready for the launch. “Farmers of North America is a proven model that will definitely benefit American farmers. It’s hard to argue with the kind of success we’ve had north of the border; tearing down glyphosate prices and launching an advanced project to build a nitrogen fertilizer plant,” Webb said. Mann explained that expansion into the U.S. has a lot of benefits for both Canadian and U.S. farmers and current members. “The FNA business alliance succeeds through farmers working together, providing the market power needed to balance the monopolistic forces that are capturing far too much of the value of farmers’ work. Having a strong presence in the U.S. will make the organization stronger, and provide benefits for members in both countries that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.” Key to the success of entry into the U.S. is the ability to provide members real value. The exclusive supplier to FNA Members of many key farm inputs, AgraCity Crops and Nutrition, Inc., is ready to deliver that value with its own team of people. AgraCity’s core business is the procurement, production, packaging, sale and distribution of crop inputs (fertilizers, crop protection, adjuvants, seed and petroleum products) and other ag-related products to stakeholders in a value added manner. As part of its work with FNA Members, AgraCity is committed to the FNA mission of maximizing farm profitability of its Members. AgraCity USA Country Head, Jeff Novak, believes the AgraCity model is going to fill a need for farmers in the U.S. “AgraCity’s business model is to grow by focusing on the success of...

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FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership Announces Plant Site Location

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REGINA — FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership (“FNA FLP”) announced today it has selected a location for its new nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing facility, which up to this point has only been described as being “built in Western Canada.” Spokesperson Bob Friesen confirmed that land near Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan, has been selected for the site of the estimated $1.7 billion-plant. FNA FLP sees Belle Plaine as an ideal location, due to several key conditions it meets for the plant: Access to natural gas; Available electrical power supply; Supported by an ample water supply; Necessary logistics infrastructure including roads and access to both national railways; Skilled workers, whether from rural or urban areas, within the region. “This announcement is an important step in project development and demonstrates a distinctly tangible milestone,” says Friesen. “The types of industries that are already located in the Regina-Moose Jaw corridor make it a logical place to locate.” The project will have a significant impact on the province of Saskatchewan. Estimates for job creation are in the range of 1900 construction jobs and 170 positions for operating the plant once it is built. The plant is also a major investment in the growing provincial economy. We have been working with representatives of the provincial government and appreciate those efforts as we move this project forward. Dates for when construction can begin will not be set until the equity for the project has been raised and other key project milestones have been met. Since the last FNA FLP public announcement, the project has been moving forward in a focussed and strategic manner, with significant work taking place in the background that, by necessity has been confidential in nature but instrumental to the success of the project. As a result of this ongoing work, today’s announcement is expected to be followed by other related announcements in the coming months. — 30 — For more information: Bob Friesen, FNA FLP Spokesperson (613) 230-2222 / (613) 852-9711 ProjectN — Farmers’ Fertilizer Alliance FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership is a legal entity designed to align farmers to build a nitrogen fertilizer...

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MNP to assist in the design of ProjectN fertilizer sales and distribution system

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SASKATOON — Farmers of North America Fertilizer Limited Partnership (FNA FLP) announced today that the corporate consulting and accounting firm MNP LLP has been designated to study and assist in the design of the sales and distribution structure for the ProjectN nitrogen fertilizer plant. MNP LLP has an active presence in agriculture with many farm clients, as well as being a major player in corporate research and business systems design. MNP LLP will also assist in the development of the supply agreements that will be provided to farmer-owners of the plant. This announcement is the third in a series of disclosures by FNA FLP of major project developers for this initiative. BMO Capital Markets has been appointed as the capital development and business advisor, while Stantec Inc. has been appointed as the lead for financial modelling, engineering, and creation of the Bankable Feasibility Study. Bob Friesen, FNA FLP spokesperson, called the MNP engagement a reaffirmation of the confidence farmers can have in the process of building a fertilizer facility. “At every turn we have been able to bring the best talent in the world to this project,” Friesen said. “We are well along the project plan, exercising care, but moving at pace, so we not only get the plant built, but we get it built with the best minds, best designs and best economics for all business partners.” ProjectN is currently offering a Series 2 Seed Capital program that will provide an additional opportunity for farmers not yet part of the FNA membership to participate in FNA FLP and allow ProjectN to maximize plant capacity and create greater potential for returns to farmers. – 30 – Farmers of North America is a farmers’ business alliance with the mission of “Improving Farm Profitability.” FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership is a separate legal entity designed to align farmers together to build a fertilizer plant. For more information: Cathi O’Neill, FNA & FNA FLP Media Co-ordinator | (306) 665-4537 Bob Friesen, FNA FLP Spokesperson & FNA VP Government Affairs (613) 230-2222 / (613) 852-9711 |...

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Stantec engaged to proceed with Bankable Feasibility Study

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SASKATOON — Farmers of North America Inc. (FNA) announced the successful conclusion of the Series I Seed Capital offering for ProjectN, the project to build a new fertilizer plant begun by FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership (FNA FLP). Stantec, a global leader in engineering, environmental and process engineering, has been engaged by FNA FLP to lead the Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) for the proposed nitrogen fertilizer production facility. ProjectN spokesperson Bob Friesen said that the prospects for farmers to have a controlling interest in the final plant are better than ever. “The response of FNA members has been beyond expectations, which has allowed us to hire one of the most sophisticated and experienced firms to take the lead on this critical milestone. Now we encourage all farmers to join ProjectN to drive up the number of acres covered and increase the potential capacity of the plant that is taken up by farmers.” The BFS will provide current and prospective project partners and investors with a detailed, third party study on project scope, engineering, capital costs, market structure and pricing, and indicative project returns. The BFS is also a key requirement for securing debt financing for the project. While the first series of the seed capital offering was targeted at existing FNA members, Series II will be more broadly targeted to farmers who are not FNA members, to bring them into the FNA organization and provide them the opportunity to participate in FNA FLP. FNA FLP previously announced BMO Capital Markets as its financial advisor on ProjectN. “With Stantec & BMO Capital Markets we have two of the world’s best in their respective fields,” Friesen said, adding “A great deal of work has already been done, and the foundation has been laid so that ProjectN is one of the most advanced of the fertilizer plant proposals being put forward by new entrants to the North American fertilizer production market.” “What is absolutely critical is getting as many farmers as possible so we can control a major portion of the production of the new facility.” – 30 – Farmers of North America is a farmers business alliance with the mission of “Improving Farm Profitability.” FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership is a separate legal entity designed to align farmers together to build a fertilizer plant. For more information: Cathi O’Neill, FNA & FNA FLP Media Co-ordinator | (306) 665-4537 -or- Bob Friesen, FNA FLP Spokesperson & FNA VP Government Affairs (613) 230-2222 / (613) 852-9711 |...

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