The Growing Demand for Fertilizer

Global demand for fertilizer is increasing as a result of the increase in global demand for food from agricultural production. This increasing demand for fertilizer is expected to continue for the foreseeable future as developing countries strive to increase their productive capacity while developed countries are expected to maintain their fertilizer usage with modest growth potential.

2010 World Ammonia Demand by Region/images/worldDemandSM.png
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More Manufacturing Capacity Needed

In 2010, the global demand for nitrogen fertilizers were as follows: Ammonia 162 MMT, Urea 178 MMT, UAN 17 MMT. China is the top producer of nitrogen fertilizer and also the top country for consumption. North America is a net importer of nitrogen fertilizer with the U.S. being a net importer and Canada a net exporter (primarily to the U.S.). Although Canada is the U.S.’s largest import supplier, the U.S. also imports a significant volume of nitrogen fertilizer from off-shore suppliers in order to meet its demand.

2010 Ammonia Plant Capacities and Locations
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North America Consumes More Than it Produces

North America is a consumer of 21 million tons of nitrogen with a production capacity of 14 million tons (not including upgrade facilities), leaving a net deficit of 7 million tons.

2010 North America Ammonia Production vs. Consumption
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